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I'd have prepared a nice printout for the user , with big friendly letters on the cover saying "Dont Panic!".

and then let them work it out for themselves.

Seriously though , I've done that before a few times ( minus the hgttg) For simpler tasks than a whole new email client though, like mapping a drive , or sharing your calandar , or adding a mailbox to outlook.

After I've explained something simple , or worse done it for them , about 100x it's too much.

A nice friendly word doc / web page / printout (preferably colour) with idiot proof instructions , screenshots and big red arrows is in order.

tip - its 100x easier to follow if you put text relating to a picture by the side of it (and shrink the pic to achieve that) . Most guide writers tend to put screenshots that are far too big and too frequent with a line of explanation above or below , and you immediately lose track of wether the text refers to the pic above or below, as well as where you're up to becasue the screen sized scrrenshots push the prev and next step off the screen.

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