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"computers plonked on their desks and were never shown or never managed to work out how to use the GUI"

Exactly this, I worked for a Uni project deploying Microsoft Exchange back in the 90s. For whatever reason they'd stuck with VAX mail, so folks would log into their PC, then telnet onto a VAX, and read that lovely text based mail. I'd come from another Uni where we had a Unix based mail host, and served mail out using POP3 and IMAP and users chose their client, Pine for text terminal users (but that at least was menu driven) Eudora on PCs, or whatever X-Windows mail client they liked. So going back to VAX mail,... eeek.

So when we transitioned to MS Exchange (v4, when the emails were in .rtf format), we'd install it for the punter, and show them the features, rather than let them work it out for themselves.

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