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Palo Alto to Halfmoon Bay. 1AM.

I got a call from the CEO of a company I did consulting for. The home genset I had installed for him as a side project didn't work in a power failure. He was completely impervious to answering questions intelligently over the phone.

His company was a rather large account, so I told him I'd be there as soon as I could. It was raining (naturally), so instead of one of the bikes I drove the Taurus SHO. 40 minutes (ish) later, I arrrived (don't try this at home, unless you know those roads).

I discovered that said CEO was a) legless, and b) had managed to actually fire up the genset, but couldn't figure out the simple transfer switch. I had even labeled it "Genset/OFF/PG&E" ... He was flipping it between OFF and PG&E when I arrived. Somehow the concept of a three position switch eluded him, despite having been walked through the simple procedure not a month prior.

I stopped doing personal favors for corporate clients after that, no matter how lucrative.

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