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> Insurance companies will offer plans that people CAN afford and are willing to buy, because they do NOT have to comply with some ridiculous federal requirement. This includes "emergency only" and high-deductible catastrophic plans.

The major problem with American system is that it is the health care providers (hospitals, doctors, etc) that are setting the amount of revenue that they want and this must come from the users either directly or via the insurance companies or the government through taxes. There is nothing that limits the health care demand for revenue.

Having insurance providers between the carers (as if they actually care) and the users merely adds a markup to the costs, though it does average out the risks.

Removing the 'ridiculous federal requirements' allows, as you say, for cheaper plans that do not cover particular health problems. In doing so it makes insuring for those problems completely unaffordable because the risk is spread over far fewer potential insured. This leads to even fewer people buying insurance, or people buying less effective insurance, until the whole system collapses.

> This includes "emergency only"

If the only insurance you have is 'emergency only' then _everything_ becomes an 'emergency'. The insurance companies know this and will charge appropriately (ie unaffordably).

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