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"They were forced to include a sunset provision under rules restricting unfunded tax/spending policy changes; there are restrictions on increased spending that isn't funded by increased taxation, and decreased taxation that isn't compensated for by decreased spending."

Let's be clear, here: The expiration of the individual tax cuts was included because, if the total bill threatened to balloon the national debt any MORE than it does, the Republicans couldn't have passed it in a manner that only took a simple majority, but would have required two-thirds of the Senate to approve it, which would have required -- you know -- negotiation with the other party, time for public comment, the risk of filibusters, and all that messy stuff that gets in the way of pushing their agenda.

Now, they COULD have made those cuts permanent and brought the bill in under the cost that triggers full debate, etc., by trimming a couple of percentage points off of the cuts to the highest individual rates and the corporate rates (which are now the only parts that DON'T expire!)...

...but that would have been wrong, I guess.

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