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>I think your mistake there is using BT ADSL. -1 vote

In the 'remote' parts of the UK don't expect third-party LLU equipment to be particularly performance or new, I've repeatedly seen this, even though my line is circa 20m longer than my neighbours, I got better speed off the BT LLU than they got off the Sky LLU - however it was still sub 512kbps... Basically, the numbers of subscribers doesn't justify regular tech refresh.

>you should be able to get a wholesale BT product from someone else for less. +1 vote

Generally, this also means you are likely to get a lower contention ratio and thus able to make better use of the limited available bandwidth.

>As for EE, look for special offers +1 vote

Agree, also do the online speed check using your full details a couple of times over a few days and then wait for them to call you, then you can negotiate a deal...

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