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I wouldn't mind these too much if they at least included a button/tick box option that included 'Don't tell me again about the app'.

One offender of this is reddit, I mostly use reddit on the PC, and only tend to look on the tablet or phone if it's to check someone response to something I posted (which isn't often).

I don't see the point in installing an app, for the once a week at most chance of me accessing reddit on a mobile device.

And besides, the reddit mobile side, actually works perfectly well. So there really is no need for an app, unless you want things like live notifications. But email works fine for this as well, and also work son the PC!

Thats' just one example, lots of other similar things.

Another is example MS Teams web site, it keeps asking me to use/install the Desktop app, rather than the website, 'because it's faster/better etc.'.

Well, no it isn't, MS on the Desktop (Win 10 company laptop) is horrendously slow, whereas the web site is quite nippy, and most of my time is spent on a Linux development laptop anyway, which they don't even support!

</rantmodeoff> Time for a drink, coffee or beer?

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