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Why is it Large and Small Western Countries Have Such SLOOOW InterNet?

China has country-wide fibre optic communications network and residential service of upto 100 Mbytes; South Korea also has country-wide fibre optic comms with residential service upto 1000 Mbytes. 'Developing' VietNam boasts several northern border to southern coast multi-terrabyte back-bones (owned by competing domestic carriers) with upto 100 Mbyte residential service.

The light levels in Ho Chi Minh City/SaiGon have increased city-wide as tons of overhead copper drops have been replaced by underground fibre optic cables.

Yet in the Western sphere, the the LARGE USA has huge swathes of real estate that have NO terrestrial landline communications and one of the countries (Britain) with the SMALLER land masses in Europe has data-free areas.

Britain, in promising "at least 10Mbps" by 2020, demonstrates how the government and a larger communications company has failed and neglected the countries needs.

Britain has it made. Fibre optic cables can be run along railway rights-of-way or inder-sea cabling - no digging needed.

There is absolutely no excuse for this. They are damaging the country's economy, and reducing the country's technical potential.

Little wonder the cream of the UK's talent is pulling up stakes and moving overseas.

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