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>I have 4G coverage only from EE (and 8Mb from BT ADSL), so I pay £60/month for 100GB and I get about 70Mbps.

The problem with Three (and others) is getting a sensible data allowance and piece of equipment.

For example: Three's HomeFi currently gives you 40GB pcm for £24, which if you want more than this (without incurring the 1p/MB out of bundle charge) you have to resort to SIM swapping with a 40GB SIM at £17 pcm. Whereas with EE you can get 100GB and 200GB data only plans. However, the Three HomeFi (a Huawei’s B310 Wireless Router) is better suited to the task of being the home network router than the EE dongles.

Personally, I would purchase a router like the B310 (available from Amazon for around £100), add the external antenna and drop the EE SIM into it.

Obviously, you can try putting a phone SIM into a mobile broadband dongle, but since Three will detect and block them, I've never really bothered, and accepted that the mobile networks don't really want high volumes of home/tethered traffic over their networks.

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