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Infrastructure should be owned by the state, including railway lines, telephone lines, gas pipes, water pipes, etc.

Like it was in the 70s you mean? Railways and telephony didn't fair too well under that arrangement. Successive governments ran both into the ground (cutting entire swathes away in the railway's case), putting the minimum funding in and allowing the service of both to deteriorate. And how about the UK's road network. That's always a very good analogy for explaining computer network problems to people. Do you want our telecoms network to be managed the same way?

It never ceases to amaze and even sadden me how many people think that 'the state' is good at operate large, expensive and complicated operations. Are they just young and naive? Don't they notice what a bog hole all governments have made over the decades of running those kinds of things? And..the internet. Really? After RIPA you want to actually hand the network over to the government? Good God.

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