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Anti-recognition measures already taken

I admit it, I have a Farcebook account. Purely to see what WileyFox are up to and then complain about it, since they use Farcebook for their announcements instead of using their own website.

Over the months, Farcebook kept nagging me to upload a profile pic. I finally complied. After having taken some anti-recognition measures.

First, the account is not in my real name.

Second, I carefully avoided having my hair cut or shaving for 20 years. Let's see your algorithms figure out where the tops and bottoms of my ears are, or where my chin is.

Third, the picture I uploaded was of my cat.

Fourth, the cat died four years ago.

One of my neighbours might recognize me from the picture of my cat, since it was originally her cat. However, the pic is taken from an unusual angle. And the neighbour died over a year ago.

So I think I'm pretty safe from recognition.

No icon indicating a joke, because everything stated above is absolutely true.

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