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Republican tax bill ready to rescue hard-up tech giants, struggling rich

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Anonymous Coward

It shocks me that so many people don't understand that the tax system as set up by FDR was what built America. Substantial changes to the higher rates have been hurting the "middle class" that was built under this system of taxation. You know the "middle class", we're that, once, large group of people who buy the products and services that all Corps. sell. Much of NA and EU are now mature markets so no real growth, so all these changes to the tax code are to strip our little wealth redirecting it to the the wealthy political supporters. The problem for these Corps. is getting penetration into non-mature markets. The Russians and Chinese, at the least, will build and control their own. So, the Corps. are stripping what they can at all cost, including ruining the societies that have been built since WW2.

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