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It is not the revenue due to gov agencies not renewing it is the damage done by the same agencies upon the company's repretation.

US Gov Agencies banning it so publicly and without any evidence of wrong doing send the message that there is a reason for concern, other unthinking citizens follow suit and the agencies have created unfair competition against them.

Add in that trolling, slander and liable are no longer seen as victimless crimes, one law for everyone or no law at all.

Now my counter would be to make all vulerabilities included for the benefit of same agency, public knowledge. The US Gov thinks they have a right to access everyone data on the premise that an unproven tiny percentage of people using their contries IP may be spying or working against the US best interests. That the US has used these backdoors to provide financial benefit for US companies over their allies in the past means that they clearly see everyone as a threat.

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