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Interesting legal theory

So Kaspersky's theory is that the US Government is somehow required to have Kaspersky AV software installed on their computers? They can't uninstall it? Ever?

What about the private sector? Let's say XYZ, Inc. issues an internal memo directing their IT staff to remove Kaspersky AV from all their Windows machines, because they don't trust it. And then XYZ, Inc. makes their decision public.

Is XYZ liable under US law? Are they violating the US Constitution? Are they under any obligation whatsoever to continue using Kaspersky AV? If that were true, anyone in the US would be liable just because they uninstalled some software and replaced it with something else. One could be sued for erasing Windows from their laptop or PC and installing Linux instead.

Kaspersky is very confused. We are not the Soviet Union. Or Putinistan.

I'm guessing that, in Russia, once you've installed Kaspersky AV on your laptop, you aren't allowed to uninstall it, under penalty of law? Constitutional offense?

Here in the US, we are allowed to uninstall software from our computers. Just because we feel like it, and for no other reason. Or because we suspect said software is spyware. Or because we're bored with it. Whatever.

Good luck with the bullshit PR lawsuit. It will be fun to watch.

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