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if that doesent warrnat not driving out there i dont know what does.

By doing the arduous task of RTFA, I have discovered the answer to your question. It seems that after repeated attempts by people to assure the customer that things were fine, the customer still insisted that there was an issue and thus Jason had to take the trip to see what the hell they were on about. Getting actual information out of clients can be bloody difficult. Those of us who've done phone support will be saying things like "it's the bright red flashing button the fills the entire bottom half of your screen" while the client says "I don't see anything like that on the TV that's across the road that I can see out of my window". Getting users to look in the right place at the right time is like using mice to herd cats (doable, but there's a lot of violence involved). Getting them to explain what they mean by "It's the thing that comes up on the thing when you click the other thing" is seldom able to be achieved. There's a reason that illegal drugs and computers are the only industries that call them "users".

Also who the hell sets up a remote customer with no way of logging in remotely to lsee what the uysers are blabbering about?

Not all customers are retail firms. (some need higher levels of security - a dentist's office might have those icky "patient confidentiality" laws to consider)

Given the "Microsoft Internet Security Team" etc scams, not all customers are willing to trust remote control software (some have other reasons where they don't allow it).

There have been many customers who existed BEFORE the age of high-speed internet. Remote control over dialup was a pain beyond belief (some customers even existed before electricity.

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