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And learn Judo so you know how to fall properly. I have been a rider since 1970 and while much of what you say is true, it is not enough. There are things you cannot forsee and there are fools who will try to kill you.

Unless you are Superman riding a motorcycle is a dangerous practice. It an be very worthwhile thoug, if you can maintain your luck.

Luck's not been a part of it since I learned to ride. In the years before I learned to ride I think it was more God's protection than luck because I had some stupid events on the road where I was at fault and should not have come out alive let alone unscathed.

I know people who've also been riding since the 70's and earlier who've never had a crash. I've been involved in some very hairy incidents yet have only lost rubber and some time (reminds me must do a first-aid refresher). I haven't always been able to accurately predict which car gets hit first, but I have been able to predict who would do the hitting. Keeping your mind on the road and those around you, keeping your exit options open etc, that's what keeps you upright, not luck.

I'm trying to think what would catch me out. A stalled car or landslip around a blind corner won't - I'm always within my stopping distance (and I keep my bike maintained as well, so I won't have any surprise brake failures etc). A long landslip might (ie I'm in the area covered and don't have time to stop before I reach it nor time to get out of it), someone intending to kill me might (but then if they're intent on killing me all bets are off even if I've got protection of some sort - even the US's SS have failed to protect presidents), a tyre blowout on a truck that doesn't give smoke or other warning might. I've had a person reading the paper at traffic lights who didn't realise his SUV was still moving forward at a decent rate - the car beside me got hit, not me. I was in line but I left myself room and when I saw the SUV coming I pulled up past the car that was in front of me.

Someone on the wrong side, travelling at speed - not sure on that one. I have avoided it before but that "small voice" that motorcyclists know so well (if they listen to it) gave me the idea to take a wider and slower track on this particular corner. That coupled with a distraction may do, but distractions I tend to ignore until I have a safe place to give them some attention, whether it's stopping straight away or riding slowly to the next town. In the days before I knew how to ride I went off the road by paying more attention to an odd noise from the bike than where the bike was. Huge wide shoulder so I was fine, but I learnt that lesson then.

It takes effort, but I find the effort worth it. My challenge is to be a good driver always, and that can be very challenging indeed (especially when you're easily distracted!), and every drive I complete with that challenge met is very fulfilling. I also challenge myself to get the perfect line and speed through a corner, and that is just fun.

I may die in a crash, but it's going to take a sudden medical event without warning or a set of extremely rare circumstances to cause it.

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