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Humane traps are anything but, research has shown that captured mice released outside the home who did not simply make a bee-line back died pretty nasty deaths, they died of cold, of hunger of being predated alive because they were homeless, no holes to disappear down.

It is thus more human to use a modern trap which dispatches them sharpish. Take it from someone who has dispatched a mountain of mice in my research and made myself get VERY good at it so the mice did not suffer at all: I am very happy with modern traps. Not only do they have little buckets you can put a mixture of nutella and peanut butter in that they can't resist but it is surrounded by a thin plastic platform which is the trigger. With old metal traps you would catch the mouse by the nose too often.

Also these plastic traps, the only metal is the spring, are so light when they go off they leap into the air. This means the mouse is flung about extra breaking the neck and if the initial shock doesn't kill them that will.

We caught three last autumn, so far this which is colder, we have not caught nor seen a single one. That is despite the installation of a self built pagoda style bird table in the front garden which results despite raised lip metal trays in some seeds etc falling down.

So think if the mouse, not your conscience, and dispatch it humanely rather than leaving it to a pretty miserable death.

BTW the same thing happens to house spiders evicted to the great outdoors. Gardens get split into spider territory after spider territory so the ones who are not predated by other spiders get eaten by birds because they have nowhere to go. When I learned that I refused to remove spiders from the house. I haven't put one in years. We are not in any way overrun by spiders.

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