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You want a better mousetrap? I'd tell you, but I'm a solitary type of person and don't want the world beating a path to my door.

I just remembered, El Reg don't know where I live. So...

You'll need a desk or table, a ruler, some cheese, and a round, metal waste bin in good condition.

Place cheese on end of ruler. Balance ruler + cheese on edge of desk (with cheese on the end that's in mid-air) then move the ruler back a bit from the balance point. Put waste bin under ruler.

Mouse wanders along, gets on the desk/table. Sees/smells the cheese. Walks along the ruler to get it. Weight of mouse causes ruler to tip, dumping mouse, ruler and cheese in waste bin. If the bin is in good condition the mouse can't climb up the sides, and being circular the mouse can't chew through it. Some people suggest a few inches of water in the bin to make it harder for the mouse to get a purchase if it tries to climb out.

It ought to work with a round plastic bucket, especially with water at the bottom, but you may not feel it safe enough from a mouse-tooth attack.

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