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= And that is one of the more enlightening web sites. Are you making this up?

I'm a professor in a business school (ex-computer scientist for 20 years prior). It is a term that is used in economic circles. It is not well known outside those circles.

The very short version is that in a capitalist system, capital is equipment or tools. Not money. Money is just a short form token that allows you to convert one type of capital into another, or exchange capital for labor, or vice versa. It's an accounting trick, and nothing else.

The current American system has turned that onto its head, giving actual primary value to the money itself, not to the capital it theoretically represents.

Money doesn't do jack shit. Capital does. And yes, it does make a difference. You do know, for instance, that companies nothing from the stock market, right?

If that's news to you, then I suggest you do some reading up on real economics. And not just micro.

(Oh, and since your abiliity to do actual research seems to be wikipedia, go look at "financialism" and "finance capitalism" there.)

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