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5 reasons why America's Ctrl-Z on net neutrality rules is a GOOD thing

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By all means then, uninstall your seat belt, air bags, roll cage, etc. and get back to us

My car has no airbag (except the occasional M.I.L) and no roll cage.

I learnt to drive, and make sure I drive well. I also work at watching the road and things around me to be able to see trouble before I'm in it.

That way, I don't need things like roll cages.

My bike doesn't have any seat belts either. They're not needed if you use your brains when you're driving.

If you really think you need all the things you listed to stay safe while driving, then please GET THE FUCK OFF THE ROAD because if you're scared to drive without them, you've obviously far too dangerous to be allowed behind the wheel.

(I don't think I've even see a roll cage in a stock road vehicle!)

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