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FBI tells Jo(e) Sixpack to become an expert in IoT security


Or is it?

"The depressing thing is that every single item on this list is necessary and true, and nearly all of it is beyond the home user. It would, however, make a sound syllabus for some kind of certification, if anybody would study it, which they wouldn't."

How about a certification that vendors need to adhere too that validates their products provide all these items (in a simple, consistent manner)?

I think we have hit a level of complexity in computers that is far higher than even most "computer people" can handle and businesses have masked that complexity without solving it. The result is unmanagability.

SO we could continue this route, or look at changing the network to something that will protect users rights. If only someone had suggested a way to do this before...

We should ask Google... er... I mean the Internet governing bodies what they think of that...

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