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Slightly more complicated as far as AES is concerned

AES is a result of an open competition and was not designed in USA. It was designed in Belgium. While it is theoretically possible that the two cryptography researchers who came up with it are a NSA plant and it has an existing hole, I find this idea a bit too far fetched. Very far fetched. In fact so far fetched that whoever came up with needs to share what they are smoking.

AES and its standardization process, however, are one of the exceptions on the cryptography scene. It happened during a short lull in-between the insanity storms. We have regressed since and quite a bit almost back to the days of the Clipper chip adn 40 bit export level DES.

I suspect the next candidate will be purely USA-based and will follow the same design pattern as the elliptic RNG and several other interesting NSA-advised NIST ideas which appeared after AES.

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