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No explosive disassembly, but... 1980 I worked at a bank with a computer operator on a Burroughs 3800 who managed to crash every production disk pack in the shop. We used a dozen of the Burroughs type 235 (B 9484-8) packs each with 10 platters, 2 packs per cabinet, ~300 MB capacity per cabinet.

Our B3800 had failed, massive power supply failures i think, and we relocated to the regional support center (for us it was Atlanta, GA) for disaster recovery.

Said operator mounted all the production packs (having just come off an unheated aircraft cargo hold) into the climate-controlled drives of the DR center..... without allowing time for them to acclimate/warm up. And hit the LOAD buttons.

Within a few seconds every pack crashed. How he didn't lose his job is still a mystery. Fortunately, we had backup tapes as well. And after ALLOWING THEM TO ACCLIMATE, we were able to reload from tape onto new packs ($$$) from the DR center and proceed with the recovery. Burroughs sold a dozen new disk packs that weekend.

A crazy sleepless expensive weekend......

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