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>> "Imagine if in the plain old telephone days that AT&T owned a share of Pizza Hut. They easily could have blocked all phone calls going to Dominos or even rerouted them to Pizza Hut. The public would have gone berserk and likely burned AT&T to the ground. This is the type of thing that Pai's decision today will allow with regards to the Internet."

>That's a great example - I believe that the people will go berserk if the ISPs start messing with access to sites or services. And I have no doubt that people will be watching very closely for it to happen, too. And the outcry will be much more powerful of a deterrent than any slap on the wrist the government would issue.

The only issue is that of 'what good does going berserk do?'

As I understand it there is negligible competition in last mile broadband services in large parts of the US.

So as a USian you have the choice of broadband with all your Netflix requests rerouted to Prime, or not having an internet connection...

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