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"They also say you can't restrict tractor trailer traffic or limit any traffic across your network."

Let's take this one step further...

The government THEN says you must TAX people, but then give rebates "based on their annual income". Not only do you have to go through extra expense of determining what people's annual income is, you THEN have to levy the taxes, deal with customer complaints of "why is the price always going up", be faced with additional regulations under the public utilities commission, get sued ALL of the time over all of this because it's "NOT FAIR", be required to offer MORE EXITS and MORE ENTRANCES because it's not convenient to only enter and exit your road at places that keep the costs down, and NO! MORE! EXPRESS! LANES! because THAT is not fair, either. NOBODY is allowed to exceed the speed of an average YUGO trying to make headway against the wind, and you can't offer contracts to specific fuel vendors in order to make a little extra money on the side [and keep the prices lower so you can compete with the 'free' services].

just to expand on this, there ARE privately owned toll roads in Southern CA in the L.A. area. The price varies based on time of day and usage. This way, travelling on the toll road is "buying time" to avoid traffic, which is why you'd want to pay extra to use it. Charging MORE when traffic on the 'free' road is heavy is just good business, because it forms a basis upon which the traffic will be truly limited to a sane level on the toll road [making it ALWAYS a good alternative, not a traffic jam that you PAY EXTRA for].

The intarwebs COULD be like that, too. For people who don't want their traffic stalled, it might be a good alternative. If you don't care about stuttering and delays, then you can us the "el cheapo" version. If you want PREMIUM service, you pay extra. That's the way of CAPITALISM. It's how we end up with luxury vs standard vs "what you can afford" versions of EVERYTHING. And that's MUCH better than "everyone pays the same" or "based on your income" which is what SOCIALISM tries to SHOVE UP OUR ASSES.

The law of supply and demand. ONLY enough regulations to ensure a level playing field, and THEN let competing service provides do their thing, and customers will be the ones who benefit the MOST. This should apply from gasoline to cars to roads to medical insurance to telephones, internet, electricity, and even the brand of vegetables you buy at the store, or which store you buy them at [from Wal Mart to "Snooty Mart", whatever YOU want].

but yeah, "they" stopped teaching CAPITALISM and PROPER ECONOMICS decades ago, "indoctrinating" at least one full generation in the WRONG ideas of SOCIALISM and COMMUNISM, and making them *FEEL* *SMART* and *FEEL* *SUPERIOR* about it, too...

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