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Some of us are old enough to know of the time before the internet.

That understood that the 'net was a cluster of privately owned networks who connected to one another through peering agreements.

You host our traffic, we'll host yours.

The issue wasn't about censorship, but that the peering arrangement was out of wack.

That Company A agreed to carry Company B's traffic, and vice versa, but that Company's upstream traffic that went over Company B's network was a fraction of the traffic traveling downstream from Company B over Company A's network.

Where everyone is running around in a panic, they forget that businesses will work it out.

Did you notice how Netflix, the poster child for NN is now silent on the issue? Its because they did deals with the network companies that became a win/win for everyone.

Why? Because Netflix is feeling competition from HULU and other streaming services.

The networks? Because with 5G coming around the corner... you can cut the cable and get good broadband speed.

There's more, but I expect to be down posted by the snowflakes and marching morons who have been listening to MSM and politicians who have been spoon fed dribble from lobbyists.

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