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OK Johnny boy, lets show you what will happen with the end of net neutrality, because the scum sucking corporate overlords have done it before. Its all public record, and available for you to research for yourself.

2005: Madison River Communications blocked VOIP services as they were competing with traditional voice services.

2005: Comcast blocked p2p services.

2007-2009: AT&T blocked Skype and other VOIP services because again, it was competing with their own voice services.

2011: MetroPCS tried to block all video streaming except for Youtube, and then tried to sue the FCC when they were told to stop.

2011-2013: AT&T, Sprint and Verizon blocked access t oGoogle Wallet as it competed with their own products.

2012: Verizon was demanding Google block tethering apps on Android, as it would allow people to avoid using Verizon's $20 tethering app.

2012: AT&T tried to block Facetime unless customers paid more for their plan to "allow" Facetime.

2013: Verizon stated that it was only the Net Neutrality rules that was preventing it from offering teired services.

So go ahead Little John, be a cheeto cheerleader and welcome your corporate overloards to charge you extra for varying services that, until now, were protected and treated as equal goods.

Perhaps a car analogy would help you wrap your mind around it.

Government does deal with a road building company, and a car manufacturer. From this day on, only Ford are allowed to do the maximum speed limit of 65mph, with all other manufacturers relegated to only 35mph, unless the car owner pays extra to be "allowed" to travel at 65mph.

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