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"people cry out about their privacy then proceed to publicly post an incredible amount of personal data"

welcome to "teh intarwebs".

Here's something fun: ~10 years ago I worked for a company that did business with a company in Russia. People from Russia would come visit the U.S.. I shared an office with 2 Russian engineers for a month or so. It was kinda fun trying to figure out what they were saying, as we were all working on the same project.

What was funny is that they preferred using the ENGLISH version of Linux (and various software), as the Russian translations were ambiguous and often just wrong [the language is part of the reasons for that, I was told]. But they had Russian-made computers, which was interesting. I wouldn't mind buying one of those, if you could. Russia should export laptop computers, compete with China. and they'd probably be pre-loaded with Kaspersky software, etc. (or maybe come pre-loaded with LINUX ???)

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