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I don't know about that. Recently had a tour of the high school my young 'un will be going to next year and they had all sorts of cool stuff in the workshops.

Did you notice the castor wheels underneath, where they roll the stuff out during parental unit tours and put it back into hiding at term time? Did you notice how the female parental units were steered into one room while all you male ones were steered into another (rumour has it the rooms the ladies see have large amounts of cotton wool everywhere, so while the menfolk are seeing nice toys they can only drool over using (and hope their sprogs come away with nothing worse than bone-deep cuts that miss nerves and arteries), the ladies see a very protected environment where a paper cut on a student results in the immediate firing and life imprisonment of the teacher)1

1 Implied stereotypical sexism not intended, even if it appears this post was written as such!

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