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Hey BB - you are absolutely right on one thing: the FISA process is only about collecting data on American Citizens regardless of any legal warrants that should be necessary.

But if you really believe that this is political, then you do not know much about law enforcement in any other state than your own. Cops (of whatever flavor) just want to know how far they can go, and how much extra work it will take. Too much work? - put that on the back burner. Free license from the Feds? Go for it! Every district needs more funding!

Especially if they can do that nifty trick where they suck up all the possible property, vehicles, bank accounts, etc under RICO. OF course, if nothing goes forward they'll give that all back, right? Wrong. They keep it, and it helps fund other fine law enforcement services.

You're not just talking about a lefty-leaning government are you Bob? Because if you thought your buddy Obama and his good friend Eric H, had a hard-on for us God-fearing Americans and our guns just wait until the next version shows up. We might just be invited to become our very own local Militia (under Federal Guidelines, of course) and we can learn to do double duty at sporting events, City Council meetings, and other subversive and risky situations.

I really don't think that anybody with more than a dozen functioning brain cells and a small smattering of American history knowledge would jump at that opportunity.

Or so I hope.

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