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Almost no education

Schools are teaching less and less technical stuff. There's a lot more to computers than a bit of coding, such as how things work and what the capabilities are. The whole of the internet, from computer/phone to email, dns, to routers and servers etc is a complete black box.

I've been trying to teach 13 to 15 yr olds computers on a one on one basis (to earn some cash) and not one has known anything technical learnt from school.

The generation or two that have been taught how to consume computer products (MS Office etc) can play games and do social media but that is where it ends.

It's fine saying that kids will learn these things when they go on to Uni but so few do it means there is almost no understanding of how the modern world works in a technical way.

In the past (1980's) my school taught Electronics - details about transistors etc, car engines (ie, the combustion engine) and adopted the modern tech of computers when it appeared on the scene. The digital world is now in every bit of our lives and yet the further we go down the road of integrating the technology into our lives the less is taught about how it works. I appreciate it is getting more complicated but the idea of expecting Joe Bloggs home user to even listen to tech advice about a camera or router is so far into the world of La La Land that it is pointless.

Past company bosses would have understood core aspects of their business, a welder would have understood metals, farmers used to understand growing stuff etc.

Now farmers follow instructions from suppliers and company bosses that run entire businesses on the internet have no idea about the core aspects of running their business. Digital tech is so deeply embedded into our world it should be reflected in school subjects.

The only focus now is money.

It'll take a generation at least before this changes and school leavers understand the world around them, but this can only start when schools and attitudes in society change, and that isn't on the horizon yet.

How many people know or can explain how a calculator adds 1 and 1 using electronics? The most basic calculation we can do is a black art, let alone how the internet works and how to firewall it off and why.

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