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Continuous product and service improvement


"its not often that I wish for a "like" button on anything, but if el-Reg had such a button, then this article would certainly get one "like" from me."

El Reg used to have something pretty much along those lines. It was labelled "rate this article", valid input was roughly 1 to 10 (maybe 0 to 10, whatever).

In line with the company's policy of continuous product and service improvement, the people paying El Reg's wages (the readers, without whom none of this would be possible) no longer have "Rate this article", and there's nothing, not even a proper "thumbs up"/"thumbs down" count, to replace it. Can't imagine what caused that to happen, but presumably it was viewed as progress at the time.

Fwiw, I rate this article 10/10. 11/10 if fuzzy inputs are acceptable.

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