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So what's the alternative, that the UK never extradite anyone to the US because our prisons are worse than UK prisons?

Shockingly there is more than one alternative. It may amaze you that life has nuance, but it really, really does.

There are plenty of alternatives which allow some people to be extradited without others going. The US relies on this quite heavily in relation to international law, so it seems fair that other countries should avail themselves.

Or just people who claim various ailments that would mean "hard time" is harder on them than other people - which would essentially amount to reverse discrimination that anyone who is psychologically "normal" would be at risk of extradition, while the rest can avoid it.

Screed masking the fact you believe Love is lying about any condition he has. It might be worth working out what the goal of "punishment" is in a justice system. It isn't about revenge or showing what a internet tough guy you are.

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