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The U.S. government is looking to try him because it is the right thing for them to do.

Yes, that is significantly different from saying he has been found guilty by no longer using terms like "allegedly" though.

If you place yourself outside of the reach of the justice system,

Whose justice system?

that is where the predator drones come into play.

Oh dear. Here we go. You might want to look into the possible legal ramifications here. If the Drone operator kills someone in the UK, that is a fairly clear cut case of murder and based on what you've put, the assumption is the operator should be immediately extradited, sent to trial and if found guilty put in prison.

Do you agree? Or do you have some idea of law and justice which predates the Anglo Saxons?

If you mess with the U.S. government, you should expect a response and in fact you should be happy that they simply want to try you for a crime.

Bullies will always be bullies.

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