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New battery boffinry could 'triple range' of electric vehicles

Michael Thibault

You can triple the range, and more, readily by redefining the car. Most of what you drive around is dead weight -- but it's soo convenient to build that into, or onto, the vehicle for eventual -- albeit infrequent -- need. And some of the mass of the vehicle is there to provide protection of the occupant(s) against injury in the event of collision with... another similarly-massive vehicle. And, as with rockets and their fueling, you need more 'car' to carry the larger engine (or motors) and fuel (batteries) required of a larger car... It's a vicious-circle kind of racket. Inter- and intra-. Stop! Strip the vehicle down to what is necessary to provide the service minimally asked of it: transport (movement at speed) of one individual. Cleave off transport of goods to automata; no hurry or worry with inanimate objects. The really, really smart car stock is made up of electric trikes with bicycle wheels. The bleeding-edgier folk can drop one wheel and go in-line.

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