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AC, "Ontario....plug-in your battery heater overnight so that car starts in the morning..."

The battery pack could be designed to be heavily insulated (thermally) with a few CM of high tech foam, so that keeping it warm (given -40°C ambient) should only require maybe about 100 watts. Even that 100w assumes that the charging is completed.

For when the battery pack needs cooling, use flowing liquids or open the air vents. Like a well insulated home that has windows and skylights that open up. Yes, both good insulation and excellent cooling can coexist (one at a time).

The killer feature for e-cars in cold climates will be that the car will be toasty warm in the morning, what with it being connected to the grid all night.

My comedy vision is the guy with a Ford F450 Dually adding a fake E-car sticker, and plugging in his huge truck with a built-in 10kw heater, melting snow for 20-feet in all directions. Comfort first.

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