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They were still using MTS when I started there in '89 - just for the 1st years, I seem to remember the machine was an Amdahl, no idea what model it was though (I suspect we night have been told but I don't have any notes from back then any more). I also seem to remember they had a cluster of *nix machines that the 2nd and 3rd years were allowed to play with instead of being hobbled by the old system.

I also remember an old HP analyser system when I started at RR with a fixed/removable platter on it - I only saw the cover off it once when it was being serviced and was told in no uncertain terms never to get your watch or anything that might be magnetic anywhere near the voice coil, even when it was off. Didn't need telling twice on that one.

The analyser was 'donated' to a college (who also had another virtually identical one) when we were granted funding to purchase one that could be moved by one person and was considerably more powerful (it even used 3 1/2" Floppies!!!)

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