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All true, but there actually is a reward of sorts - or more to the point, an inducement. Most Japanese companies pay a "bonus" twice a year. Bonus? Well, each payment is typically worth 2 months' salary! That's the standard. However, the bosses can pay out a "plus alpha", and that is determined to a large extent by how long the victim, er, employee, has spent hanging around the workplace over and above the usual "diligent" hours.

There's another question about the drone thing. People feel they can't go home until the manager does - and the manager won't go until they do. (Positive feedback anyone?) So, will the drone dispatch the manager too?

I'd love this to succeed. "Karoushi" (death by overwork) is far too common in Japan, and of course social disruption is, as pointed out, even more common. Those are two birds that really need to be dispatched by one stone, or drone.

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