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Weighty subject ---> AR88 !!

Looong, Loong ago I went up to Lisle Street in Soho & bought this wonderful radio - an "upgrade" from the R1155 radio I'd been using for years.

Now came the problem of getting it home from Soho back to my then home in Norbury, SW16.

Luckily, in those days, it was possible to phone up for a mini-cab at a Shilling a mile & get it into the back of the vehicle for the ~20 mile home.

I completely forget just how I got it upstairs to a very sturdy wooden table in my bedroom - or even when, years later, I sold it sometime prior to hitch-hiking around the world. Well at 77 years old - it was back in the mists of antiquity, so I can't recall those time now.

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