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Cruel and unusual

Playing Auld Lang Syne at helpless employees, merely for staying late to furkle a Powerpoint presentation that nobody will really give a shit about? I've no problem with torture and the death penalty for selected people (MoD Procurement, if you're interested), but that is so cruel, so excessive to the crime that even I cannot support it.

Sadly I have to put up with a family who think that it is acceptable, nay necessary to sing the damned song on New Year's Eve. WTF is wrong with them? Hideous tune, words no fucker understands, and if they understood them they wouldn't mean them. Apparently I'm the Grinch that Stole New Year. And there's another thing, New Year's Fucking, don't get me started.

Auld Lang Syne, MoD Procurement, Uber, Michael Gove.....all of them should be cleansed with fire. Lots of it. And I'd give Scotland independence to pay the bastards back for the cursed tune.

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