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Bitcoin price soars amid technical troubles for exchanges

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Anonymous Coward

Welcome to hotel California.

Funny thing is, all these exchanges are great at taking your money ( with an inner circle of miners) selling your their precious comidity (or have you believe it is) but once you have them, you can’t find another sucker to take them from you... had my wallet full of coins, only successfully bought a couple of smaller things online and that is it... to me it’s a scam, I mined my coins but never been able to cash out like everyone talks about, and it’s the recurring theme in the main forums an tweeter feeds... it’s a scam, prices can only go up, hope that new blood comes in with their hard earned cash and subdue the IDIOTS that did before with the homie of making it big! Whatcha the news lately, where is the headline on new era millionaires from BTC? Righ, why is that... don’t be blind!

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