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It isn't rocket science. However I suspect that Japanese culture is a little different to ours (?)

Reading between the lines and some crazy 2+2 style reasoning leads me to conclude that someone is willing to blow $4,500 per month on an "innovative" solution to a non-problem (where I'm from - UK). However, I can imagine that I might come up with some pretty crazy sounding schemes if I had to attempt to break cultural norms. It would appear that in Japan that throwing technology - the brasher the better - is a good start to doing something pretty radical (breaking cultural norms). I've seen dafter from HR in the past 8)

This (Japan) is a land where it is apparently good form to fall asleep in a meeting, provided it is obvious that you have been burning the candle at both ends (for the firm). If that happens here, then the more humiliating the wake up, the better, is sometimes the rule. I'm not sure who is dafter ...

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