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Murderous machines

Two stories...

1: Overkill

Working in a machine room with a PDP11 and a MV8000. The dog had 2 x 250MB top load style removable packs and a 500MB? Winchester for the OS (AOS/VS?). The removable packs were user data. One fine spring day a strong smell not unlike burning insulation pervades the machine room and the dogs console barfing up errors; Disk errors. Shut down the machine and call an engineer. Turns out one of the packs had head-crashed. Engineers dismantles the entire thing including the very large permanent magnet now sitting on the machine room floor. Then starts on the second drive. apparently the dust is so fine that there was a good chance that the other drive would have sucked some up.

Now he placed the two head magnet assemblies at either end of the machine room stopped by a tile lifter each. I thought this was overkill until a little while later there was a very odd noise from the machine room. A low pitched scraping noise that very quickly rose in pitch followed by a very large ***WANG***

One of the tile lifters had come unstuck and the two magnets were now fused together permanently.


Got a ticket from the hell desk. A secretary had complained that her PC was trying to kill her. A bunch of us decided to visit said homicidal PC. We asked the secretary to demonstrate the fault. She refused, handed us a cdrom disk and fled the room. The PC was one of those mid tower machines sitting on her desk. Head height for her and about neck height for me.

Upon loading said disk into the drive. running though some quick checks all seemed well; Until I ejected the cdrom. The tray opened and at first I didn't notice anything wrong. It was at that point the disk, still pinning at a high rate of knots did a very neat VTOL takeoff from the now open tray, wobbled a bit, nicked the PC case and promptly zipped off past my neck I felt the draft as it passed. It then ricochet around the cubical a few times (still at neck height) until it came to rest.

Replaced the drive, but the secretary in question never quite trusted that machine gain. Next time I saw that machine the cdrom drive was facing away from her, towards a nearby wall :)

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