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I can save them $4,500 per month

Managers. If they can't manage properly, then a little education followed by performance related HR procedures should get the job done. Drones in the office sounds a bit dangerous, no matter how well meaning. Besides, who is ensuring the operator (there is a human responsible for these things, I assume 8) is getting enough "life"?

I am, of course, attacking the problem from the perspective of a UK business owner. If renting drones to get people out the door at huge expense is a viable solution, then I think there is a bit of a culture difference.

Strangely enough I rarely have to boot someone out. It's not that my staff are lazy or not committed - they do go above and beyond as required and that is the key point - as required and not routinely. We are an IT firm and we've all had to pull all nighters or whatever to get someone out of the shit. We also strive to avoid the shit in the first place. We even have ISO 9000 etc to demonstrate as such. Sometimes reality matches our policies and processes ...

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