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I used to work at PYE TVT in Cambridge. We did not have to wear ties while repairing picture monitors - basically large CRT TVs in metal boxes. Rumour had it that shortly before I arrived, a salesman had turned up and had a look inside one wit its case off. His tie had a gold thread in it, and it touched the 5kV tube anode supply. Loud yell resulted.

As for myself, I was wiring one up - the video cable was 1/2" thick coax with a connector about 1" across on the end, and screwed into the chassis. The other end was connected to a steel frame bolted to the ground, with a huge plaited cable going to grounding rods outside. The mains supply also had a metal connector. On the occasion in question, the connector had been wired up by a colour blind engineer, with the red live wire instead of the green earth connected to the metal cast connector shell. Holding the chassis under my left arm, I grabbed the mains connector - the mains obviously went strait across my chest - and my yell stopped the entire factory! No earth leakage trips in those days! Colour blind electricians ARE a problem.

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