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Flying discs,bad, exploding drum, worse!

During training I had to repair the PCB's of the 4 computers at work, 1978-80 room filling machines based on discrete transistors. These machines had magnetic 'drum' stores of a few hundred Kb, wire video recorders were bad enough to be operated remotely in securely locked rooms, flailing wire had shredded recording engineers, but the drum stores with a row of heads that were driven up and down the drum were considered safe. Until one day the top bearing of the head translation shaft failed and the heads were jammed against the spinning cast iron cored drum the size of a large dustbin, which failed explosively, the shrapnel passed through both computers in the room, smashing lots of boards on the way through, thankfully the only other two, bought as scrap from Farnborough, enabled them to be repaired. The concrete walls bear the evidence of the impact to this day. From that day on no-one was allowed in the room if the machines were on, when the first 5 Mb 'Winchester' drives arrived it was a revolution!

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