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What I find interesting about video recorders is how much simpler the later ones were in terms of design.

Granted, a lot of that would have been electronics boards, many of which would have been replaced with a few chips after 25-30 years, but even *mechanically* my parents c. 1990 video was- IIRC- quite a lot simpler inside than my neighbours c. 1980(?) video (which was passed on to them when theirs broke down). (#)

And- again IIRC- the one I bought circa 2004 (##) was simpler still and ridiculously shallow at the back.

Is this all down simply to refinement of the mechanical design over 30 years or so?

(#) My Dad did mention something about the plastic construction quality of some parts of the 1990 model when he was repairing it, but I've no idea if that was a factor in their ability to simply things mechnically. (Why would it be?)

(##) i.e. The last few years of video recorders, when DVRs were already an option. I only bought the former as a stopgap because the price/capaciousness of DVRs wasn't *quite* there for what I could afford, but I knew it would be in two or three years.

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