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Any advice on how to avoid the subsequent memory blackout after which you often find you've scoffed the entire packet short of one (sometimes two)


There's an argument to say that this isn't a bug but a feature.

But I suggest two solutions. Option 1 is to mark out cake number 6. That is the all important member of the packet. 12 is the perfect number, as if you eat 2 (minimum dose) you're fine. 3 is also neat, as there are three more lots of 3 to go - and eating 4 leave 2 more lots the same. All very neat. Once you eat cake number 7 though, all neatness is gone, and you're forced to finish the packet.

Option 2: Go to Iceland (shop not country). Invest £4 - get big box of 100 Jaffa Cakes. Eat until gone.

As for Weight Watchers, a friend of mine who successfully lost a lot with them told me that he moved from biscuits to Jaffa Cakes on their advice. The Jaffa Cake is quite low calorie, compared to other teat accompaniment snack options. Although I believe there recommendation was one or two.

I didn't realise it was even possible to only eat one Jaffa Cake...

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