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Alan Sharkey

Dear Data general - such a lack of foresight.

Back in the late 70's, I was working in the oil industry and using DG Nova 1200's and Nova 3's. They brought out the Micronova with really small (for the time) circuit boards.

We needed a small waterproof computer that we could take on the oil rigs. So, I stripped out a Micronova, put it in a waterproof box with a small (around 8", if I remember) screen and two floppy disks (does this design sound familiar?). I attached a keyboard in the lid. It all worked very nicely. I tested the waterproofness by throwing it in the river Yare (attached to a rope, of course), fishing it out - and it started up with no issues.

Now, we didn't have the resources to build many of these ourselves, so I went to DG and asked them if they would build them for us. The answer? "Sorry, but we cannot see a market for a portable computer".

2 years later, Compaq arrived on the scene. To say I was a bit miffed, was an understatement.

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