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Those were the days, when a computer was really engineering

IBM 3270 drives, I assume relatively similar from the description with all the adjustments made by turning screws 25% or a turn clockwise or similar...

I also recall an NCR minicomputer where air-con failed leaving the room too hot to enter to switch the thing off - that was more fun, and marginally closer to human maiming, if not death.

Another close call was with the same NCR attempting to recycle the rather large, and very solid metal drive housings at decommissioning which near tipped over the forklift attempting to put them in the scrap metal skip. Took a few chunks out of a concrete staircase while on a porters trolly made out of welded scaffolding too. They were certainly too heavy to move by an single, even fairly strong person...This also could have been hazardous to the fork lift driver if he had not been so ready to swap it for the heavy one at the back of the factory as the handy one simply tipped itself towards the resolutely immobile drive housing...

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